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The posting of your Questions and Answers

Q.When do I keep my child home from school?

A. If your child has:

  • a fever of 100.0F or higher
  • vomiting or diarrhea
  • unexplained rash present on any area of body
  • has not been feeling well and you are in doubt to send him/her
  • has any crustiness present in eye upon awakening and/or redness

Q. When can my child return to school?

  • child needs to be symptom free for at least 24 hours
  • on prescribed antibiotics for at least 24 hours to treat illness
  • a doctor's clearance note stating diagnosis and that child is not contagious
  • the school nurse needs to be contacted: to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff and to avoid the unnecessary spread of any communicable disease or illness

Q. What kind of care does my child receive by the school nurse?

  • Your child receives first aid care
  • In New York State, care cannot be above and beyond first aid
  • If beyond first aid care is needed, parent/guardian is contacted and only when necessary, an ambulance is summoned

Q. Can you elaborate on first aid care?

A. Click on the presentation below for examples of first aid care:

First Aid unnamed.ppt (PPT — 388 KB

  • cuts or lacerations
  • sprains or fractures
  • burns
  • head injury
  • nosebleeds

  • choking
  • activation of the emergency response system

Q. What happens if an ambulance is called for my child?

A. Depending on your school district policy:

  • Usually, an adult designated by the school:
  • accompanies your child on the ambulance and remains with them at the hospital until your arrival.
  • Child is transported to the nearest hospital, in most cases.